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Stylish glass gifts engraved with uniquely personal designs
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Images and Designs

Choosing your design from our selection

Each gift item page will have a choice of designs for you to choose from to be engraved, with or without wording, for no extra cost. These are ones that have been selected as being ideal for that particular gift, taking into account the size of the engravable area.

If you do not see an image that you like amongst our selection, you are welcome to select from the other images we have in our library by clicking on the 'other' button then clicking the link through to the full selection. You can then enter your choice of image in the special instructions box.

Providing your own image

You might feel inspired to have an image, doodle or pattern of your own engraved by us onto the gift of your choice. This could be anything, as long as the image is either owned by you or copyright-free. We can engrave a child’s drawing, a favourite doodle, your company’s logo, symbols and even your own handwriting. Frosted Lime once engraved a fabulous blue glass bowl, intended as a retirement gift for a gentleman, with scanned handwritten messages from his colleagues. It looked wonderful and so very personal.

If you are unsure about the suitability of your image for engraving, you are welcome to email it to us first and we will then be able to tell you how much the additional cost would be. If you attach your artwork to your order, we will let you know after receiving the order if the artwork needs conversion to make it suitable for engraving and what the additional cost would be. The minimum additional cost for conversion is £6.

We always ‘clean up’ artwork we receive to ensure we can provide a sharp image on your finished gift. Additional costs are assessed by any work we need to do to your artwork to make it usable in the engraving process plus how large an area you wish us to cover, above the standard engraving area. However, we will then save your artwork for you to reuse in future orders. The cost of using it again in future orders will be greatly reduced or even completely free.

The ideal artwork will be in black and white, without colours or shades of grey, and as large and clear as possible (we will resize it for suitability). We can convert most artwork to make it suitable for engraving if necessary.                      

  Artwork before conversion. This image is currently unsuitable due to the use of colour and shading, so would require conversion by us.   After conversion, the image is now suitable and readyto be engraved.

If you have any questions or queries, please do contact us.