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Wording and Fonts

Choosing your wording

The wording you choose depends on the occasion and who the recipient is, but there are no actual rules.
You may want to be formal, such as this traditional style of wedding gift engraving:

Sarah and John
on your Wedding Day
17th August 2012
With love from the Smiths
Or simply:
Sarah & John
From today until forever
Alternatively, you may want to make it more personal:
Sarah Socks and John-Boy
About blinking time!
You can have fun with your messages and make them really personal.  A bathroom mirror could be engraved at the top with:

Don’t forget to wash behind your ears, Mark!
We will ensure your engraving is clear and elegant without being over- or under- sized.
Please do remember that the more text you request we engrave onto an item, the smaller it will appear on the finished product; as a guideline, less is more!

Frosted Lime’s word of warning: please do check your wording and spelling before submitting your order.  If we suspect there is a misspelling, we will contact you to double check this, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure you have provided correct spellings.  Nag over!

Choosing your font

Each product page has a choice of fonts for you to choose from. These are ones that have been selected as being ideal for that particular gift, taking into account the size of the engravable area and the weight or thickness of the font. We also offer a 'Let the engraver choose' option where we will select one of these fonts for you.

If you do not see a font you like amongst our selection, you are welcome to select from the other fonts we use by clicking on the 'other' button then clicking the link through to the full selection. You can then enter your choice of font in the special instructions box.

Please note that some of the fonts we offer are available in capital letters only. You can see this by looking at the name of the font written in the font itself.

We alter the font size according to the engravable space available and the amount of wording for engraving. Please do note that a very complicated or dense font might look cramped in a small space. If we have any concerns about your choice of font we will contact you before we engrave the item. We will ensure that our engraving expertise results in you receiving your gift with clear and legible engraving and we are happy to answer any concerns you have about which font to choose.
    Any questions or queries, please do contact us.